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See below for details of all our fees and insurance related information

Financial Information

Consultations start at €60.

X-rays start at €20

After consultation, examination, imaging and on providing insurance details we can issue you with a definitive cost of treatment.

Medical Insurance refers to VHI and Garda Medical Aid.  The schedule of benefits for each company details covered procedures and all companies have a direct pay facility to the clinic.

Dental Insurance refers to VHI Dental and De Care Dental.  Please refer to your policy and provider for information.  You, the patient claim directly from your provider post treatment with a signed claim form and receipts.

Insurance Information

Ratoath Dental and Implant Centre is a fully participating Practice with the following insurance companies:-

VHI, LAYA, Aviva,  Irish Life, Garda Medical Aid, ESB Provident and Prison Officers Medical Aid

"Fully participating" covers the professional fee for surgery and the administration of intravenous sedation.

There is a facility fee for surgery undertaken in consultant's rooms / practice.  This is not covered by insurance companies.

The facility fee for surgery is €250.  Additional treatment during the same surgical session may not be covered by medical insurance insurance.

Insurance forms must be completed and signed prior to surgery.

If your insurance claim is not valid then you are liable for the surgical and sedation costs.

Facility Fees and Surgical Fees are payable on the day of surgery. Surgical removal of wisdom teeth expenses can be claimed against tax (MED 2).  You will be provided with a MED 2 and insurance forms.

The level of insurance cover is generally not relevant for surgery in consultant rooms/practice.

Please note that not all wisdom teeth are covered by insurance, they must be impacted.

Routine extractions are not covered by medical insurance. Vhi Dental and DeCare offer cover.

Prison Officers Medical, claim is made by the patient.

Garda Medical Aid / ESB Provident have a direct payment facility to clinic.

All treatment costs are approximate and for guideline purposes only.

Adult routine treatments
Treatment Cost
Routine Exam/Health Screening with Scale and Polish €80 (new patient €90)
Exam only €60
Exam with Scale and Polish (with cover under RSI contributions) €15
Hygienist visit (with cover under RSI contributions) €40
Hygienist visit €80
X-ray €20 each
OPG (large x-ray) €50 each
CT Scan €150 each
CT Scan with X-Guide €350 each
Treatment of Sensitivity €30 approx
Amalgam Fillings €100-€120
White Fillings €100-€140
Extractions From €100-€140
Surgical Extractions From €150-€250
Hard/soft Nite Guard €180
Hard Occl Splint €250
Essex Retainers – Upper and Lower €220 (1 only – €140)
Intravenous Sedation €250 per visit
Nitrous Oxide (Gas and Air) €160 per visit
Prescription €40
Treatment Cost 
Nobel Biocare Implant €1300 per Unit
Sinus Lift Procedure  €1400 
Restoration Crown/Attachment €1200 per tooth
Bio Oss Bone Grafting (per vial) €400
All Porcelain Implant (Complete) €3000
Treatment Cost
Child Examination/Check Up €60
Post Primary Child Exam €60
Fissure Sealants €40 each or €120 for four
Fillings From €90-€110
Stainless Steal Crowns €280
Extractions €80-€100
Custom Made Sports Mouthguard €60
Upper and Lower Essex Retainer €240 (one only – €140)
Nitrous Oxide (Gas and Air) Consultation €80
Nitrous Oxide (Gas and Air) – Per Session €150
Prescription €40
Tooth Whitening
Treatment  Cost 
At Home Whitening €250
Refill Gel Syringe  €35
Upper and Lower Beaching Trays (no Bleach)  €150 
Orthodontic Treatment
Treatment  Cost 
Six Month Smiles Treatment €2500 for one Arch, Upper and Lower Arch – €3500
Invisalign Treatment
Treatment Cost
Invisalign Treatment Upper and Lower €3500-€4500 depending on complexity

Add fees table

Facial aesthetics & Anti Ageing treatments
Treatment Cost
Facial Asthetics and Anti Aging treatments One area €200, Two areas €300, Three areas €350
Crown and Bridgework
Treatment Cost
Premium Cosmetic All Porcelain Crown €800
Cast Metal Post €150
Porcelain Veneers From €650
Bridge per Unit From €650
Recement Cr €60
Recement Br €60
Porcelain-fused to Metal Crown €650
Treatment Cost
Partial Acrylic Denture €650
Full Acrylic Upper and Lower Denture €1200
Flexible Acrylic Denture (Valplast)  €1250
Cobalt Chrome Denture €1250
Root Canal Treatments
Treatment Cost
Incisor €420
Pre-Molar €520
Molar €660 (Filling not included)