Dental Implants

Dental Implants

With Dental Implants, we can now routinely replace one or more teeth without damage to any of the adjacent teeth. The end result is so good that only you would ever know that you had a new tooth. An implant is an artificial metal 'root' that is placed in the jaw bone where the tooth used to be. It is left for a few months to heal and integrate with the bone before it can be loaded to carry a crown or artificial tooth. The surgical process is usually done under local anaesthetic or using intravenous sedation if preferred. The success rate of implants is  such that you can expect them to last a lifetime.

We generally refer our implant patients to Dr Lochlann Walsh in Clontarf for the surgical placement of the titanium implant. The crown can be fitted approximately 3 months later here in Ratoath once the implant has been placed integrated to the bone.

How many implants would I need?   If you are missing a single tooth then one implant crown can replace it. If several teeth are missing then an implant supported bridge may replace them. If you are missing all of your teeth an implant supported full bridge or denture might be appropriate. Such a denture would be far more stable than a conventional (tissue retained) denture.

Would I be suitable for implants? The ideal candidate for dental implants is a healthy non smoker with excellent oral hygiene and good quality bone in the area of the space. However most of these issues can be addressed at the assessment visit.

Does the process hurt? Placing an implant is a little like the reverse of extracting a tooth. Some post operative bruising and moderate pain is to be expected but this can usually be perfectly controlled with analgesic medicines.

What does an implant cost? Complete per unit €2500 (ie Implant €1400 Crown/attachment €1100). This is tax allowable.

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